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"We have been in the forefront of advocating for the enforcement of animal welfare laws since our foundation. Our teams go out into the field, get the evidence, and save animals from their lives of misery." - Jake Knight, executive director


Since the beginning of time, animals have been used for commercial exploitation without any regard for their health or well-being. There are an estimated 100,00 puppies that are bred on mass-production factories in the UK alone. Hundred, sometimes thousands of dogs per factory live in overcrowded and dirty cages without sufficient food, water, shelter, or veterinary care.

There are an estimated 8 billion animals killed for food in the UK each year. Secrecy surrounds slaughterhouses and animal welfare organisations are rarely permitted to inspect them. Even the government have been refused access. Investigations by animal welfare organisations continually reveal systemic abuses in the life and death of farmed animals. Evidence is provided to the government for prosecution and enforcement actions.

However, the government rarely do anything with it. Lack of political will and the shortage of funding have forced scale back of their activities. Even though much time and effort has been invested into public awareness campaigns, animals are still suffering.

The suffering is avoidable and unacceptable. Thanks to your fundraising, our simple solutions can be implemented. Our projects can create waves of change for thousands of animals who are living a life of misery.


We are there with the animals. Diligent, carefully planned investigations are the heart of our work. We go out on the frontline and return with credible evidence to encourage for the enforcement of animal welfare legislation. 

The more complex cases see investigators using fake identities, allowing them to infiltrate criminal organisations and get close to key individuals.

The evidence from our investigations is used in carefully drafted complaints to government bodies to encourage them to enforce animal welfare legislation.


We're the only organisation working to investigate commercial animal cruelty. Since our foundation, we have investigated and closed animal abuse establishments. We have saved animals from their lives of misery. 


Money raised from you will go towards our cruelty investigations, including equipment, travel costs, editing and graphic production, and (the smallest budget ever for) marketing. We are registered as an non-profit limited company by guarantee.

By backing our organisation, you're joining countless others in this fight to end animal cruelty in our lifetime.

Recent Updates

AWEA Monitors Bushy Park Deer Cull

In the early hours of the morning on the 16th of September, an undercover team from the Animal Welfare Enforcement Agency was documenting the deer cull in Bushy Park. As there is no official monitoring of the deer culling, our organisation has once again been left to assume the responsibility of ensuring that the law is being followed. Our organisation believes that the Royal Parks are not...

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Text to donate for animal welfare

That's right - you can now donate from your mobile phone. So simple.
You can donate £3 by texting GL ANIMALS to 87070
Text giving is an easy way to support our vital life-saving work, and a relatively small donation can make a big difference to animal welfare. Your £3 will go towards our cruelty investigations. Right now, your donation will go towards our investigators working in the field...

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#badgercull, once again.

I can't believe that the government are doing it again.
This year, just like last year, badgers in Gloucestershire and Somerset will face a brutal murder. A second year begins.
The government insists that culling is necessary but we know otherwise. It's not effective or humane. I can only describe it as senseless killing.
This year, 1,000 badgers are on the kill list. And there is only one thing...

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Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Susan Fairweather £10.00
Anonymous Donor £10.00 Keep up the good work.
Nigel Davies £50.00 Hope you can help stop this cruelty.
Linda Jackson £10.00 Good Luck Jake!
Dario Poloni £10.00 Good luck to you and all the Badgers.
Samadhi Yoga £5.00 Keep up the good work!!
Phil Weird £10.00 Best wishes in all your efforts
fran jones £5.00 save the brocks
William Norwood £5.00 Sorry it`s not much, funds are a little low since the cull started.
Badger Hound £10.00 Fight for the badgers! Fight for the cows! Fight for the truth! STOP the cull.
Susan Shutt £10.00 Thanks so much for all you are doing to rescue and heal animals.
Emma Tricker £5.00 Glad to help just to contribute to fuel is better than nothing
Marion L B Dill £15.00 Thanks for all your work, JK & AWEA!
Mavis Petrie £50.00
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